Applying an Environmental Justice Lens to Practice

Often time’s we are stressed out about life and its many wonders. We are tired from our work, church, family, and bills. Working in social services, this is not made any easier. One of the ways I exercise self-care, while using the benefits of eco-therapy is by running to the gym every morning. It takes me about 30 minuets to make it to the gym and it’s a great work out. I get to make my body, breathe in the morning air, be up before the birds. I watch as the garbage trucks go out for work, and the first bus of the morning bus drive by. I like to watch the different life that’s up early, like the Muslim people going to pray, and the older Asian women working out in groups in the park. It’s like the world is just waking up. After I arrive at the gym, I work out for an hour while listening to motivational videos and inspirational videos. The videos help to build my consciences and helps with building my self-esteem. Often, we feel beaten up by life and all the negative things that we see all around us. It is always good to hear something positive that will help you to get your day going. The mind is the most powerful and it often what is the most under attack. It is very important that we always remember to practice self-care. I also have plants at home. I’ve watched how they were very small and grew big and beautiful, just like my children. The plants are like humans, the more love you give them the more they grow.

The exercises I do can be very helpful when assisting client’s and the communities. An example of this would be starting an early morning workout class or group. I could conduct a group where we all run to the gym together. This would help several people stay healthy and fit. We can also work out in the park like the older Asian women. We can also do a pottery class. During this class we can learn gardening and how to grow food and plants. We could also listen to motivational tapes, or we could have groups where we inspire and motivate each other.

The last thing I do once I get home from the gym is pray. I get my entire family together and we pray in a circle. We pray for peace, love, understanding, protection, knowledge, and guidance. God is what gives us peace. Jesus gives us a hand during the storm.

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